The first episode opens on the plane touching back down onto the tarmac.

John stares hopefully at the door with Mary and Mycroft behind him, hardly believing their luck.

Sherlock climbs down the stairs, surveying the area with what seems to be a new perspective.

John walks towards the base of the stairs with dramatic music slowly building behind him, signifying something momentous and earth-shattering is about to happen.

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  • johnlockers: mary should just die already can't wait til they kill her off lol john hates her now anyway
  • johnlockers: sherlock and moriarty hate each other how can u ship a villain and the hero!!!
  • johnlockers: sherlolly is for homophobes, hetshippers are awful
  • literally anyone: I don't ship johnlock, I think it's pretty abusive
  • johnlockers: wow ship and let ship smh go pet a dog or something